Personalised Childs Drawing on two midi discs for ZOE
Personalised Childs Drawing on two midi discs for ZOE

Personalised Childs Drawing on two midi discs for ZOE

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Hi Zoe, heres a temporary link for your necklace.

The midi disc necklace with handwriting/drawing is £40 and to add an additional handwriting disc is £22. 

The only thing I would say is that having the writing and drawing on one side will mean the writing in particular will be very small, I will know better when I have it converted and on the engraver.  If you care keen to include both on one side I will make it as big as I can but I just wanted to give you my thoughts.

I will do the conversion for all the files and sure you can let me know what you think.

Thanks so much

Lucy xx


A beautiful sterling silver personalised necklace and Swarovski Crystal birthstone featuring your little Picasso's own drawing!

Could there be anything sweeter?

Upgrade your little ones fridge masterpieces to little treasures for you to wear, enjoy and cherish forever.

This necklace includes your hand drawn picture engraved on one side of the disc. Standard engraving is included for the other side of the disc for a name, little message or whatever you choose.

This midi disc is 15mm

I hear Grannies, Nana's and Mummies love this kind of thing. What a lovely birthday, Mothers day or Christmas gift.

The picture on this necklace was the first drawing my little boy brought me home from P1 and I knew straight away it was something special.  Why not mark your little ones first drawings by converting them into a beautiful keepsake! 

If you don't have a little Picasso picture to engrave you could create a keepsake of some special handwriting from a treasured card or message from a loved one.

After purchasing this necklace please send us a clear image of what you would like engraved via email

If you would like Standard engraving on one side please indicate in the box provided.

Tips for a good picture:

Think simple, think dark felt tip pens, pencil or crayon.

If you are unsure just drop us a message for help or if you want to check if an image is suitable.